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. this is boeing's newest, most technologically advanced plane. united airlines is the only u-s carrier that operates the dreamliners - united has six of the planes. in 15 minutes, we'll have more on the safety concerns, and the specific impact on bay area passengers. >> a quiet san jose neighborhood rocked by a bold attempt to steal a child. >> we are all pretty shaken up >> pam: a mother too scared to go on camera as she tells kron four what happened n the front yard of their home. >> someone tried to take our three year old daughter. we were tugging at each other >> pam: police still looking for the man who tried to grab the little girl from her tonight kron 4's rob fladeboe is live at the scene. where a man tried to snatch a toddler -- rob, what do we know? >> reporter: now let's get a look at exactly where this attempted abduction happened. it was in east san jose just it was about on this tuesday evening. the two year-old and a five year-old replying with their mother. and all of a sudden, he started grabbing for the two year-old. she quite literally was fighting in with a tug of
where the recent search took place. he was renting both units out at that time of the abduction -- but still had access to the lower level, where investigators could be seen coming and going on tuesday. anything unusual i probably would have noticed if there would have been concrete dock up. it just seems like would know something? >> pam: coming up at six. you'll hear what he remembers about his former tenants. the search for answers in the kevin collins kidnapping. spans nearlykron 4 has dug through our archives. tonight, at six we'll show you the intitial search -- and events leading to what's happening now stay with kron-4 as we continue to track the cold case of missing child -- kevin collins. more on the web at kron-4 dot com. as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. >> right now, a candlelight- walk. to mark the anniversary of a long- missing dublin child, is just hours away. 13- year old ilene misheloff. vanished on the way home from school 24- years ago. tonight's two-mile march will start at 7 p-m at wells middle school. and will mark the path ilene took the day she
that sponsor scout units would be able to decide for themselves how to deal with this. there have been years of protest over the policy.and some corporations have suspended donations. >> the president sat down with police chiefs and sheriffs at the white house today. the details of that meeting - still ahead. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> lawmakers today unveiled a bipartisan plan on immigration reform. we wanted to know what you think about it. here are a couple of the comments from our facebook page: mami adri says-- i'm not an immigrant but i sure do support them. why because they work twice as hard and they do not take their jobs for granted. plus they do all the "ugly" jobs lori perry says-- i just think if they have been here a while, lets say like 5 years, should be given
can get out what happens in the community with these rogue police officers across the united states. >> reporter: coogler didn't want to do an interview until the film's release. but in response to what resonated with him about the oscar grant story - he said simply because grant is a human being. in oakland vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >>> now in a story you'll only see on kron4 quite a shock for one bay area man who bought a car off craigslist. it turns out his shiny new ride. had actually been stolen from someone else. but the victim says he caught the criminal on camera. kron4's scott rates has more. >> i cannot believe that i fell for it. >> reporter: he is holding the title but it was supposed to be his daughter's new car. >> i have the papers, the car fax. >> reporter: patrick thought he did everything right. after finding a parked car he agreed to meet the person at a nearby shopping mall. after meeting, they paid in cash and patrick however was able to snap this photograph. right of for this man left with over $39,000. >> today, when i went to aaa. the $13,000 card -- was r
>> i will faithfully execute the office of the united states. (music) (music) that's at 5:30. celebration continues with just one event and honor of this inauguration of president barack obama. we will keep an eye on developments. another kind of celebration. the 18 year drought for the san francisco 49ers. (cheers & applause) that was the pivotal play that is led to the victory. they are celebrating it is flying off the shelves. they went to the n f l store at fisherman's wharf. we talked to the fans of how excited they are about how a former raider is like to have victory. >> it is nice to have native having a perfect record >> i think they're going to win. >> i am going to go to the superdome. >> i purchased a ticket right after the game that is just how it is i am excited >> it is unbelievable i thought that at one point there were not going to win but then they came back it was awesome. >> the giants and now, the 49ers. >> in this exciting for the bay area because you want the bay area to do good for the giants are going well, the 49ers are doing well in the a's are g
could be expecting from us? >> the economy. and also that not just in the united states but the debt ceiling and the world economy. if we do not fulfill our commitments it it could impact world markets. and it could be a market free-for- all. >> catherine: has congress really learn anything? >> i think it is going to be just as they're wrecking if not longer or more so. >> catherine: if you'd like to connectyou can follow him on twitter -- his handle is "at-yaki-blog." >>> expect to see a difference in your paychecks this year. social security taxes are going up. that 2- percent tax break that everyone enjoyed over the last two years has now expired. payroll taxes were reduced to help stimulate the economy, but now that deal is over. social seurity taxes will increase from four-point-two percent, to the normal six-point-two percent. anyone with a gross income of 50-thousand dollars will shell out a thousand dollars for the year. and the higher the salary, the more taxes are taken out. the maximum payroll tax is two- thousand-two-hundred-two dollars. although people are still out shop
doubt or uncertainty for businesses or the global economy about the simple proposition that the united states always pays its bills >> reporter: also on the president's radar in the next four years- comprehensive immigration reform. and in the aftermath of the newtown, connecticut school schooting - a push for congress to pass tighter gun control laws. in washington, i'm tory dunnan. >> pam: the california state university system says it needs about a quarter billion dollars more in state funding. than what governor brown is proposing in his latest budget. university officials say they need 371-million dollars for the upcoming academic year to pay for salary raises. maintenance and equipment. brown wants to give the 23- campus system 125-million extra. 10-million of which would be used to expand online education. he says getting the extra funding would be a tough sell to the state legislature. >> good news for silicon valley and the tech sector today mountain view based-google reports fourth quarter earnings and beat analyst expectations by more than 14-billion dollars in revenue. that
-s citizens. headley admitted to scouting attack locations for a pakistani terror group. two united airplanes scraped their wings at dulles international airport in virgina today. the wing tip from a flight from brussels made contact with the wingtip of a second plane that was parked at an adjacent gate. the passengers and crew got off the brussels flight. and no one was aboard the we're in the heart of winter.and it's pretty brutal in some parts of the country. a deep freeze is gripping chunks of the midwest and northeast. and at least four people elizabeth corridan has the story. >> it's terrible, freezing, cold. >> ahhg, it's freezing out here man. >> reporter: call it freezing.or arctic. extreme, even brutal. however you describe it's just. >> really, really cold and all you can do is put on layers. >> reporter: >> how many layers do you have on? >> i lost count after six. >> reporter: layers, the only line of defense for those forced to venture outdoors. millions from the midwest to the northeast are enduring frigid temperatures, some well below zero and that's before factoring in the wi
united states with cold temperatures. even teens. a lot of snow over the east coast and the chicago. fade dangerous situation basically also continuing at this hour. there are a number of winter warnings and advisories. the biggest delays at washington d.c. airport. philadelphia, la guardia. the good news is that if we pressing through, quickly. it should be tapered off by the week. >> pam: vice president joe biden is on the road promoting the president's gun control plan. on friday he traveled to virginia, a state well known for it's support of the second ammendment, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. the p-r campaign concides with a march for new gun control laws set for the nation's capital this weekend. stacey cohan reports. >> reporter: lawmakers in richmond are all too familiar with the challenges of gun laws. the mass shooting at virginia tech in 2007 prompted the creation of an expert panel there to examine gun safety issues. the vice president and homeland security secretary janet napolitano sat down friday with former panel administration tries to promote new nation
about places in the new orleans. radio row from all over the united states and even all over the world the radio stations are here. today was a media day. you can see players were taking pictures laughing and having a great time and also the ravens but some of these reporters were dressing up in some sorts of costumes. some guy from europe and why? they tried to get the players to say something off the wall. a bit off the topic of football in some cases is to work because at one. coach harbaugh spoke about his guest appearance on the 15 years ago, " saved by the bell approached. >> they asked me to do it in 1995, 1996. and to deliver a positive message to the youth and for a vast, i have been scorned and humiliated. >> if you were playing against your brother? >> i do not have a brother, i have a sister and i would not let her when. >> i do not think that i would talk to her for that turk - for let turk -- her win.. and what is the key? >> if you have tattoos it is a little bit better. the biggest thing is that you have to do something special. >> reporter: great times all of rowntree
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10